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About Professional Labor Support

A Doula is a Professional Childbirth Companion. The word "Doula "  is Greek and  is translated as "woman servant", meaning one who serves women during childbirth. Doulas provide non-medical support during  the prenatal, labor, birth and immediate postpartum periods. Doulas offer emotional support, physical comfort and advocacy for childbearing women,  helping them have healthy and satisfying birth experiences.

The Doula profession emerged in response to the over-medicalization of childbirth and rising rates of unnecessary cesarean sections.  According to many studies, the presence of a Doula can  decrease length of labor, decrease use of pain medication, decrease medical interventions and lower rates of cesarean section. Doula care can  also  increase rates of breastfeeding. In addition,  Doulas can help mothers have  more satisfying childbirth experiences.  Studies show that Doula care is associated with lower rates of postpartum depression and  improved maternal-infant interaction. 

According to many studies, secure maternal-infant attachment is necessary for normal human development.  Other studies show that by giving pregnant women information and a sense of  autonomy in decision-making during pregnancy and childbirth,  maternal self-esteem, social functioning and bonding with baby is increased. Therefore, having a Doula is a long-term investment in mothers'  and childrens'  health and well-being.

Should You Have a Doula?

That depends upon what you want when you give birth to your baby. Women planning hospital births who desire natural childbirth or to avoid a cesarean  are most likely to want a Doula by their side.  Women who want Epidural Anesthesia can also benefit from  Doula support.

 What Does A Doula Do?

 We Inform. During labor, we will help you understand what's going on in your body, what the machines mean, what are the risks and benefits of  medical procedures, and what your options are at every stage along the way. 

We Encourage. We remind you to be patient, and stay  positive.  When you hit an emotional low, we are there for you, helping you to keep going.

We Motivate. We remind you to move around in labor, eat and drink. We rub your back, we hold you up and hold your leg while you push.

We Help.  We are there for you. Laughing with you, crying with you, encouraging you when you're weak and can't go on. We know just what to say to get you going (again). Then it happens. You trust, you  allow, you  let go, and before you know it, you have   your baby in your arms! What an extraordinary miracle you've just been through! And when that  splendid moment comes, we will share your ecstasy, and  joy.

We Comfort. If your birth doesn't quite turn out as planned, we will be right beside you, explaining everything and encouraging you and your partner. We will help you through it, so you can heal.

We Support.  We support the whole family. Reassuring worried grandparents  that everything is perfectly alright. "Women sound like this in labor. This is how long it takes. It is normal, perfectly normal and she and the baby are doing great." How nice would that be for your parents to hear?

We Collaborate. Doulas work in harmony  with your primary health care provider (doctor or midwife) . While he or she takes care of your medical needs ,  we will be there supporting you  to communicate your  preferences to your  care provider. Doulas do not make medical decisions or perform medical procedures. In the best scenario, your care provider, your birth partner  and your Doula will form your birth team. Each person on this team  contributes in their distinct way  in making your birth experience safe, satisfying and positive.

We  Care for Dads Too.  Doulas help support fathers and partners as well. Giving encouragement, reassurance, information and a much-needed respite from the arduous job of providing labor support, allowing him/her to shower, eat and sleep.  We can help calm down an anxious father or partner. We also know how to give you some space alone together as well. 

I'm Planning a Homebirth. Do I need a Doula?

We  support women planning  homebirth or birth center delivery when family support is unavailable or undesired. We can orchestrate your birth team, bringing your family together to share the experience.

What is a Monitrice?

A Monitrice  is an advanced Birth Assistant who offers  skills in  assessment of mother and fetal well-being during labor. She offers these  skills in conjunction with emotional support and physical comfort.  Ideally, your  Monitrice and your primary care provider will work together to help you have the best birth possible. 

Cordelia trained as a Direct-Entry Midwife in the apprenticeship model and has worked as an Assistant Midwife since 1991 in out-of-hospital settings . 

 Monitrice services include:

  • Fetal heart rate monitoring with fetal doppler or fetoscope.
  • Vital sign assessment (blood pressure, temperature, pulse).
  • Assessment of cervical dilation and station of fetus.

These assessments will help determine labor progress and maternal and  fetal well-being, allowing the laboring woman to delay arrival at the hospital  until active labor is established. This can help reduce  medical  interventions such as  pitocin augmentation of labor and early administration of  epidural anesthesia,  which can  increase risk of cesarean section.

Birth Support Services in Salem, Eugene, Portland or vicinity include the following:

  • Free 1-hour consultation to discuss your birth support needs.
  • Pre-birth meeting with  woman's midwife or doctor by attending a prenatal appointment.
  • Help developing a "Birth Plan".
  • 4-hours of prenatal education where you will learn labor coping methods and support techniques for partners and gain an understanding of advantages and disadvangtages of medical procedures, helping you to make empowered birth choices.
  • Labor support up to 24 hours.
  • Two 1-hour postpartum and lactation support visits at 3 days and 1 week postpartum.
  • Phone and email support throughout pregnancy and postpartum period (6-8 weeks after the bitth).
  • Referrals (as needed)  to chiropractors, massage therapists, psychotherapists, prenatal yoga classes, etc.

What kinds of people do we work with?

We work with all kinds of families including LGBTQ, families of color, interracial couples, teens and people of all religious persuasions.

We also have experience working with women with histories of sexual abuse, prior cesarean section, traumatic births, assisted reproduction, teenagers, single moms, adoptive and relinquishing moms, and more.


Labor Doula and Monitrice Support Services


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Doula Support is offered on a sliding scale based  on  family income level. Fees range from $1500 to $2000. Monitrice Services are $2000. 50% of fee is due at time of contract signing and the balance is due by 36 weeks gestation. Please enter amount listed on your labor support contract.

We accept checks, money orders, cash and PayPal payments. Checks should be made payable to Cordelia Hanna.

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