Family Planning Education & Fertility Awareness Education

About the Classes

These classes are designed to help you plan your family.  Whether your are trying to conceive for the first time, or wanting to space out your pregnancies, this class can help you become informed about your birth control options.

Topics include:

Fertility Awareness Method - understanding your fertility cycle using calendar method,  basal body temperature and fertility signs, this class will instruct you on how to know when you are most likely to get pregnant, so you can optimize your chances of conceiving, or avoid unwanted pregnancy, without using artificial contraceptive methods. This is perfect for couples whose religious views prohibit use of contraception, or who desire a more natural approach to prevent pregnancy.

Family  Planning Basics - This class will teach you about the various forms of contraceptives including barrier methods and hormonal methods.

 The classes  can be taught privately one-on-one or in a group session. For couples and women. Teens are welcome!

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Are you trying to concieve or want to learn how to plan your family? These sessions will explore birth control options, fertility cycles, and natural family planning. Whether you are trying to get pregnant or just want to space your pregnancies, this is a great class to take.

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